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O/o The District Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Officer, West Garo Hills, Tura, Pin 794001


Shri K D Sangma, DAH&VO, Phoone No.:03651-223918

Designation Phone No.(Office) Mobile No.
District A.H.& Veterinary Officer, West Garo Hills, Tura 03651-223918 9436308422
Project Officer, Intensive Cattle Dev. Project, Tura, West Garo Hills 03651-222464 9436114657
Sub-Divisional A.H.& Veterinary Officer, Ampati 03651-261701 9463112522
Sub-Divisional A.H.& Veterinary Officer, Dadenggre 03651-262232 9436112720
Manager,District Cattle Breeding Farm, Rongkhon, Tura 03651-223607 9436305074
Manager,Pig Farm, Rongkhon 03651-223362 9436116413
Manager,Feed Mill, Rongkhon, Tura 03651-222542 94361-14911
Manager, District Poultry Farm, Rongkhon, Tura 03651-223670 9862574129
Assistant Dairy Development Officer, Central Dairy, Ganol   9436160113
Manager, Pig Farm, Dalu   9436334200
Assistant Research Officer, (Clinical Laboratory) Dakopgre, New Tura   9436114497

The Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department, West Garo Hills had implemented the Development Schemes for the upliftment of poor farmers and also for self employment to the educated un-employed youth of the West Garo Hills during 2010-11 by providing 50% Government contribution and 50% beneficiary contribution.

The following schemes were implemented during 2010-11 as follows:

Dairy Farming: The Dairy Farming has been divided into 2(two) Schemes, 1 (one) is for General specially for poor farmers and another is for Educated un-employed youth for employment generation.

  1. Dairy Unit(General): An amount of Rs. 2,52,000/- as 50% Govt. contribution had been allotted @ Rs. 44,000/- per unit for 8 units during 2010-11 and out of this scheme 8(eight) nos. of beneficiaries are benefited with the supplying of Dairy cows along with the feeds.
  2. Dairy Unit(EUY):- An amount of Rs. 6,16,000/- had been allotted for 7(seven) nos. of Educated un-employed youth of different places of West Garo Hills @ Rs. 88,000/- Govt. contribution and the 7(seven) nos. of Educated un-employed youths are  benefited with the supplying of inputs to them.

Piggery Farming: The Piggery Farming was sanctioned for General poor farme Rs.

Piggery Unit(General):- An amount of Rs. 4,50,000/- had been allotted for 18(eighteen) nos. of beneficiaries @ Rs. 25,000/- per unit as Govt. contribution. In this scheme,18(eighteen) nos. of farmers of West Garo Hills have been benefited and the scheme is found to be successful.

Special Livestock Breeding Programme:

  1. Poultry Production 2010-11 – 50% Government contribution: An amount of Rs. 1,50,000/- was sanctioned during 2010-11 @ Rs.9,500/- per unit for 6 nos. of unit and the Kuroiler birds were distributed to 6 nos of beneficiaries along with the equipments and feeds @ 100 nos. of Kuroiler birds per beneficiary.
  2. Piggery Production 2010-11 – 50% Government Contribution- An amount of Rs. 3,25,000/- was sanctioned during 2010-11 for 13 units @ Rs. 21,000/- per units and the exotic breed of pigs were distributed along with the equipments and feeds @ 1 boar(male pig) and 3 nos. of gilts(female pigs) per beneficiary.

Dairy Farming under BRGF: Besides the above schemes, the Dairy Scheme under BRGF have been implemented in West Garo Hills through Self Help Groups(SHG). An amount of Rs. 72,00,000/- has been allotted by the DRDA,Tura and the 10(ten) nos. of SHG of the different places of West Garo Hills are benefited with the supplying of milch cows along with the feed.

The target beneficiary in the schemes for 2010-11 are:

Unit Numbers
Dairy i. General 8
  ii. Educated Unemployed Youth(EUY) 7
Piggery Unit General 18
Piggery unit under SLBP   13
Poultry unit under SLBP   6
Dairy Farming under BRGF   10

Veterinary Institutions

Veterinary Hospital 1 Tura
State Veterinary Hospital 9 Tura
Mobile Veterinary Dispensary 3 Tura
CD Block Veterinary Dispensary 6 Asananggre
Veterinary Aid Centre 4 An’chenggre


District Cattle Farm 1
Pig Farm 2
Poultry Farm 1
Broiler Farm 1
Feed Mill 1
Stockman Centre 23
Key Village Centre 12
Disease Diagnostics Laboratory 1
Central Dairy (Town Milk Supply) 1
ICDP, Laboratory 1