Office of the District Statistical Officer

(Department of Economics & Statistics, Ministry of Planning)


Dakopgre, Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya, Pin: 794001


Shri Bruston G. Momin, District Statistical Officer
Phone nos. 03651-232457(O), 94361-13487 (M)

Area of Operation

The District Statistical Office Tura does not have any development activities/schemes except normal activities. The primary data of various fields are collected and compiled by way of experiments and surveys and forwarded to the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Shillong for further analyses. The Directorate compiled the reports for the state of Meghalaya and then submits the report to the Government for planning purposes and implementation of developmental schemes.

Crop Cutting Experiments: The Department conducts the Crop Estimation Surveys in the sample villages to make estimation on area, production and average yield per hectare of various principal crops such as paddy, maize, ginger, Rapeseed & Mustard etc. The changing pattern of production due to the change in the method of cultivation effected by the introduction of technology in Agriculture Sector is assessed through this survey.

Land Use Statistics: The Department also compiles report on Land Utilization Statistics in consultation with the other members of the Crop Forecast Report Committee. It estimates the total area under different classifications of land such as Forest area, Cropped area, fallow land, cultivable waste land etc. The prime objective of the Crop Cutting Experiment, Crop Forecast Report and the Land Utilization Statistics is to estimate the contribution of agriculture sector towards the State Domestic product and the National Income.

Price Statistics: This office collects price reports on both retail as well as wholesale prices from different price centres. These reports are used by the Directorate to construct the consumer price Index of the State to know the effect in the standard of living due to an increase in the price level. The rate by which the cost of living index increases is fixed as the rate for the increase in the Dearness allowances for the State Government employees.

National Sample Survey: The office conducts National Sample Survey in the selected sample villages on various socio-economic aspects of the State. The present survey is 68th Round NSS and the subject coverage of the survey is Household Consumer Expenditure and Employment and Un-employment. The Survey is conducted basically for the collection of grassroot level information on various socio-economic aspects prevailing in the district for the planning purposes.

Other Census and Surveys: The department is also engaged in the conduct of various census/ surveys which are sponsored by both the Central as well as State Government. The department is conducting the 2nd Employment and Unemployment Survey 2011 and will be conducting the BSLLD Survey and Economic Census 2012 very soon. The Primary aim of these surveys/census is to obtain reliable data to know the critical area/field which need focused attention as well as to assess the achievements of the target set by the Government at the end of the plan period.

Publication: As a part of primary data collection the office also carry out publication activities like District Statistical Handbook. District at a Glance, District Level Block Indicator etc. in which the demographic profile as well as the socio economic aspects of the District are presented. The various information presented in the handbook are supplied by the Department concerned which are then compiled for the district for printing. These publications has proved to be an important handbook for research scholars, planners and students etc. The latest publication is the District Statistical Handbook 2010-11.

Key (Focused) Area of Operation

To provide vital information to the Ministry of Planning for implementation of various developmental schemes based on community need based basis and thereby to bridge the critical gap which requires immediate redressal. The area of information under broad category cover

  1. Area and Population of the Block / District
  2. Housing and Household Statistics
  3. Literate person and Literacy rate
  4. Agriculture Statistics
  5. Livestock & Veterinary
  6. Forest & Wildlife
  7. Fisheries
  8. Sericulture
  9. Electricity
  10. Roads
  11. Transport and Communication
  12. Labour & Employment
  13. Health & Family Welfare
  14. Education
  15. Police & Crime Statistics
  16. Banking
  17. Election
  18. Sports
  19. Post & Telegraph
  20. Irrigation
  21. Co-operative Societies
  22. DRDA
  23. BADO
  24. Telecommunication
  25. Social Welfare
  26. Supply
  27. Excise
  28. Industries