IT in the District

Computers and Information Technology have an immense impact on the life of every man. The district as a whole and specially the headquarters, Tura has made considerable progress in this field.

Extent of Computerization

The district administration is taking the necessary steps to popularize use of computers for a smooth running of the Govt. machinery. Some government departments have computerized some of their services whereas almost all the offices now possess a few number of PC's for their day to day activities.

In the district headquarters, Tura, some nationalized banks have computerized their services and some also introduced core banking with ATM facilities which has helped their customers to a great extent. E-post facilities are also available in the head Post Office at Tura.

In the field of Education too, the Government has taken initiative to provide computer education to all the students through their respective schools. Already many schools and also the colleges are providing computer education to their students. Some recognized and also some private institutes are also conducting B.C.A courses and providing degrees to the interested students. A number of private institutes in Tura have come forward in imparting quality computer education to the masses. The IGNOU also offers some computer courses from its Study Centre at Tura.

The district headquarters, Tura, has a number of Cyber Cafe and individual Internet connections provided by both BSNL and other private ISPs. The number of individual Internet subscribers is on the rise at present.

Initiative of District Administration and Government

The district administration, West Garo Hills District is very keen to extent the IT facilities to all the government departments and offices. The District Administration is making conscious effort to implement IT facilities to all the branches functioning in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner including DRDA and Election. All the branches in DC office are now provided with personal computers and a LAN has been set up to interconnect all the branches. Some branches/departments like DRDA, Election, Supply, Planning, Disaster Management etc are utilizing the computer and Internet facilities to the fullest.

With the advent of IT in all the major sectors over the past few decades, Government of India and also the State Government have adapted IT in various fields and activities.