Mid Day Meal Monitoring

Supervision & Monitoring

Committees such as the Village Education Committees (VECs), the Cluster Resource Centers (CRC) and the Block Monitoring Committee (BMC) are set up with broad popular participation to create an awareness of the programme to generate community support to the programme, to universalize the participation of all children in primary education to improvise the functioning and environment of the schools and to ensure that the scheme functions in terms of the broad objectives it seeks to achieve.

District Level Steering cum Monitoring Committee (SMC)

At the district level, a committee under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner oversees the programme. This committee creates awareness, facilitate and monitor the implementation of the programme and foster linkages with other related programmes like the ICDS, Primary Education, School Health and SSA.

The District Level Steering Cum Monitoring Committee (SMC) for overseeing the management and monitoring of the scheme in West Garo Hills is constituted with the following members:

1 Deputy Commissioner West Garo Hills, Tura Chairman
2 Chief Executive Member GHADC Member
3 Chief Executive Officer, Tura Municipality Board Member
4 Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Ampati Civil Sub Division Member
5 Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Dadenggre Civil Sub Division Member
6 Block Development Officer Betasing Member
7 Block Development Officer Dadenggre Member
8 Block Development Officer Dalu Member
9 Block Development Officer Gambegre Member
10 Block Development Officer Rongram Member
11 Block Development Officer Selsella Member
12 Block Development Officer Tikrikilla Member
13 Block Development Officer Zikzak Member
14 District Medical & Health Officer West Garo Hills, Tura Member
15 District Social Welfare Officer West Garo Hills, Tura Member
16 Asst District Social Education Officer West Garo Hills, Tura Member
17 District Manager  FCI West Garo Hills, Tura Member
18 Deputy Director Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs ,Tura Member
19 District Programme Officer, ICDS West Garo Hills, Tura Member
20 Food Inspector West Garo Hills, Tura Member
21 Inspector of Supply, West Garo Hills, Tura Member
22 Inspector of School West Garo Hills, Tura Member Secretary
23 Deputy Inspector of School Tura/Ampati/Dadenggre Member
24 Dean, Central Agricultural University, College of  Home Science Member
25 Principal, DIET West Garo Hills, Tura Member
26 President Mother’s Union, Tura Member
27 President Tura Inner wheel Club Member

The Committee will generally perform the following functions:

The following are the term of reference of the Committee:

  • Guiding the implementing Agencies like the SHG, the parents and others
  • Monitoring the programme implementation, assessing its impact on the community and taking corrective effective steps for any lapses.
  • Taking action on reports of independent monitoring/evaluation agencies.
  • Effecting coordination and convergence among the concerned department, agencies (eg. FCI) and schemes.
  • Mobilizing Community support and promoting public-private partnership for the programme.

The District Level steering cum- Monitoring Committee (DLSMC) shall be held every month, it should inter alia, review the findings of SMC meetings at the Block level in addition to its normal function. Lifting of Food grains from the FCI godowns and payment made to them should also be monitored by this committee.

Details to be furnished

For facilitating the operation of the programme, the following details are being furnished to the Department of Education.
  1. The name of blocks under the district.
  2. The number of primary schools in these blocks, category wise namely government, local body, or government aided.
  3. The number of children enrolled in these schools in class I-IV.
  4. The number of days, month wise during the academic year.
  5. The quantity of food grain required for the schools.

As the payment for the food grain supplied is to be made to the FCI by the department of Education GOI, the Deputy Commissioner furnishes a monthly statement certifying the quantity of rice lifted from the FCI to the Government.

The Deputy Commissioner makes a report on the quantity of food grain lifted each month to the State nodal Officers who will consolidate and send the district lifting figure by the end of the following month to the ministry to facilitate reconsideration of the claim of FCI.

Within three month of lifting for the month, the Deputy Commissioner furnishes a utilization certificate to the State nodal officer who then consolidate it and send to the ministry.

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