Tura government college

Notice No. 23, dated Tura, the 29th July, 2020

Notice No. 20, dated Tura, the 23rd July, 2020

The following applicants of B.SC, B.Com and BA are hereby granted Provisional Admission to 1st Semester Honours Courses subject to verification and authetication of their documents whenever required and asked for. They are to take admissions online in the Account Number mentioned below, on or before 7th August 2020.

Account Name: Principal, Tura Government College, Tura

Account number: 32441614149

IFSC Code: SBI-0198


Admission Fees

    1. Rs. 2120/- ( for B.Sc)
    2. Rs. 2120/- ( for B.Com)
    3. Rs. 2020/- ( for BA- Day & Morning Shift)

List of selected candidates for Admission

Tura government higher secondary school

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