Animal Husbandry

About the Department

The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary is entrusted with the responsibility of all aspect of Livestock and Poultry development, like, production, processing and Marketing of livestock and poultry and their products through augmentation of production of milk, meat, eggs, and wool. Animal Health Care Service and prevention of Animal Diseases is a priority for maintenance of a healthy stock for optimum production. Creation of suitable infrastructure for breeding, feeding and management of livestock and poultry, processing of milk, meat and eggs and marketing of livestock and livestock product is also given due important. Besides, the Department is engaged in providing the required training and extension support to livestock producers so as to promote scientific rearing of livestock and Poultry amongst them with consequences generation of employment avenues in the rural Areas. To bring about Developmental Changes in Livestock and Poultry Sector, number of programmes and infrastructure Development were undertaken by the Government.

Who is who is the Department:

A.H & Veterinary Department, West Garo Hills
Sl. No Name Designation Office Address
1. Dr.(Mrs) A. M Momin
Joint Director A.H & Veterinary Deptt. Garo Hills Tura
2. Dr. (Mrs) Serenebell W Momin
District A.H &  Veterinary Officer District A.H &  Veterinary Officer, West Garo Hills
a. Dr. Lofty Tynkhan Senior A.H & Vety Officer Senior A.H and Veterinary Officer,Piggery, Tura
b. Dr.(Mrs) Makeda B Sangma A.H & Vety Officer Veterinaty Hospital, Tura
c. Dr. Darryl S Sangma A.H & Veterinary Officer Veterinary Hosptial, Tura
d. Dr. (Mrs)Cartina Marine K Sangma A.H & vety Officer Gambegre C & R D Block
e. Dr. (Mrs)Jasmine Sumera R Marak A.H & Vety Officer Rongram C & R D Block
f. Dr. Uttan Tamo Ch Sangma A.H & Vety Officer and i/c BDO, Dalu Block Dalu C & R D Block
g. Dr. (Mrs) Donme M Sangma A.H & Vety Officer Vigilence Unit, Tura
h. Dr. Twinborn R Marajk A.H & Vety Officer Mobile Veterinary Dispensary, Tura
i. Dr. (Mrs) Eljitha D Sangma A.H & vety Officer Babadam Veterinary Dispensary
j. Dr.(Mrs) Sabetini S Marak A.H & Vety Officer Garobadha Veterinary Dispensary
3 Dr.( Mrs) S.W Momin Assistant Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, West Garo Hills, Tura
a. Dr.(Mrs) Tracy M Sangma A.H & Vety Officer ICDP, Tura
b. Dr.(Mrs) Cassandra K G Momin A.H & Vety Officer Key Village Centre, Garobadha
c. Dr. Sengbath Saka Momin A.H. & Vety Officer Key Village Centre, Phulbari
4. Dr.(Mrs) Muntha R Marak Assistant Director Vocational Training Centre, Roingkhon, Tura
5. DR. (Mrs)Ferry Gloria T Sangma Sub-Divisional A.H & Vety Officer Dadenggre
a. Dr. Tangkhan L. N Sangma A.H & Vety Officer Mobile Veterinary Dispensary, Dadenggre
b. Dr.(Mrs) Blessa Meritha Ch Momin A.H & Vety Officer C & R D Block, Dadenggre
c. Dr. Surojit Hajong A.H & Vety Officer C & R D Block , Tikrikilla
d. Dr. Jugal Giri A.H & Vety Officer Veterinary Dispensary, Tikrikilla
e. Dr.( Mrs) Jigme K Sangma A.H & Vety Officer C N & D Block, Demdema
f. Dr. (Mrs) Flewinda N Arengh A.H & Vety Officer C & R D Block, Selsella
6. Dr. Silnang R Marak Senior A. H & Vety Officer District Cattle Breeding Farm, Rongkhon


Dr. Daniel Mowthoh

Senior A. H & Vety Officer

Feed Mill, Rongkhon


Dr.(Ms) June Meritha D Shira

Senior A.H & Vety Officer

Pig Farm, Gindo


Dr.(Ms) E. Nochi G Momin

Senior A H & Vety Officer

Pig Farm, Dalu


Dr. David T Sun

Senior A. H & Vety Officer

Clinical Laboratory, Tura

Dr. (Mrs) Shanaz Haque

Senior A.H & Vety Officer

AHP, Tura


Dr.(Mrs) Hadassa B Sangma

A.H & Vety Officer

District Poultry Farm, Rongkhon


Dr. Saljrang G Momin

A.H & Vety Officer

Rajabala Veterinary Dispensary


Shri. Sengwat T Sangma

Executive Engineer

Civil Works, A.H & Vety Dept, Tura


  •  National Livestock mission
  •  Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana
  •  Meghalaya Piggery Mission
  •  Rashtriya Gokul Mission.