Local Entrepreneurs

Local Entrpreneur

1. Seven Cherri

Seven Cherri is a startup that designs and manufactures jewellery and accessories that combine contemporary trends with the traditional wears and ornaments of the tribes of Meghalaya. The women-led enterprise is training and employing local tribal women to produce neck pieces, earrings, bracelets, hair clips, brouches and other accessories for women. They also have a few accessories for men in their portfolio. The founder Semada is strongly promoting the cultural heritage of the Garo Hills to customers outside of Meghalaya.

Founder’s Name: Semada Marak

Phone: 8787586069

Website: www.sevencherri[dot]com

Seven Cherri
Cryspil K Sangma

2. Cryspil’s Creation

The 73-year old founder Cryspils Creations – Cryspil K. Sangma has developed a unique methodology to make skirts, headgear, accessories, bags and other products from waste paper. The paper is manipulated to resemble small rolls which are then assembled to the unique final products whichs design is influenced by the traditional heritage of the Garo tribe.

Founder’s Name: Cryspil K. Sangma

Phone: 7005378583

3. VeroCrafty

VeroCrafty is an artistic startup that is crafting Macrame decorative pieces.

Founder’s Name:Pangsri N Sangma

Phone: 6009370182


4. Amis Accessories

Amis Jewellery is based in Tura , West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. Amis offers a large variety of earrings and necklaces that are designed according to a combination of traditional tribal and contemporary influences incorporated with ”Dakmanda” . They have also developed various other accessories like cufflinks, bow tie, dakmanda pouches/ bags, wedding accessories, etc.

Founder’s Name: Sengmitchi C. Marak


1. GreeNE Origins

GreenNE Origins is a startup developing a premium brand for regionally sourced spices, honey and nuts.

Founder’s Name: Ayoshee Beriwal

Phone: 9612476525


2. Gabil Agro Industries

Gabil Agro Industries is a food processing enterprise based out of rural West Garo Hills in Meghalaya. The entrepreneur Rejaul is processing large quanities of cashews that are being sold in whole or broken pieces, giving employment opportunities to many local villagers and empowering the local cashew farmers that find it difficult to sell their produce in markets. The cashews of Garo Hills carry extremely high nutritional values, which is why the entrepreneur is currently in the product development phase for cashew milk and other products.

Founder’s Name: Rejaul Momin

Phone: 8837466974

1. Cha·chakrim Products

Utilizing the died-off leafs of the arecanut palm, Chachakrim products manufactures compostable plates and and bowls. The environmental friendly and hygienic plates and bowls can hold almost all kinds of foods without becoming soggy or instable. After around one month, the plates will return to earth as soil.

Founder’s Name: Shandam M. Marak

Phone: 8837358726

City Flora

1. City Flora, Tura

City Flora, Tura is a one-stop-shop for all types of event planning , fresh flowers and party rental shop in a small town of Tura.

Founder’s Name: Chonkame R Marak


2. Nostalgia Label

Coretta Sangma is developing a slow- and circular fashion brand leveraging local craftsmanship and resources.

Founder’s Name: Coretta Sangma


Nostalgia Label
Adam wood carve

3. Adam wood Carve

Adam Wood Curve is an enterprise developing unique foldable furniture and equipments from wood.

Founder’s Name:Senggrang A. Sangma


4. Blossom_Tura

Blossom Tura is a startup that crafts and designs gift baskets for various purposes leveraging locally available products.

Founder’s Name: Laura Chukambe Cheran Momin


Blossom Tura