DCIC, Tura

Department of Commerce & Industries, Meghalaya:

       The mandate of the Department of Commerce & Industries is the regulation, development and promotion of the industrial activities of the State, also including the trade and Commerce activities. The department formulates appropriate Industrial Policies and schemes and also implements various programmes of both the Central and the State Government. The primary role of the department is to provide basic framework of policies and strategies to be followed for creation and promotion of industrial activities, provide necessary market linkages between the entrepreneurs and end buyers and accelerate the industrial growth in the districts. The Directorate of Commerce & Industries work with the District Commerce and Industries Centres at the district level for the implementation of their various Schemes and programmes. The department provides necessary support to the micro, small, medium and large enterprises in the state and also collects and maintains records and necessary information about the local industries through online registration at .

Who is who in the Department:

Name of the Officers and Designations
Sl. No Name Designation Email id
1. Shri.Lewinberth Ch Marak General Manager gmdcic[dot]wgh-meg[at]gov[dot]in
2. Shri. Sean Sengchang T sangma Functional Manager  
3. Shri. Federick A Sangma Functional Manager  
4. Shri. Rongsang N sangma Functional Manager  
5. Smti. Grikme Balgra M Sangma Functional Manager  
6. Shri. Freddy W Momin Asst. Director of Cottage Industries  
7. Smti. Biondie D Shira Functional Manager  
8. Shri. Mudesh Hajong Industrial Promotion Officer  

Schemes :

      • Meghalaya Industrial & Investment Policy Scheme, 2016 (MIIPS):

        Under the scheme, eligible registered micro, small, medium and large enterprises can claim various incentives/subsidies, according to their categories, such as state capital investment subsidy, subsidy on cost incurred on quality measures, subsidy on pollution control measures, subsidy on D.G sets, reimbursement of stamp duty and registration fees and any more.

      • Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP):

        PMEGP is a credit linked subsidy scheme from the Central Government. Under this scheme, unemployed youths seeking for self employment can apply and avail subsidized bank loans to set up of new industries, achieve self employment and in turn generate employment to others under them. In this scheme, out of the total project cost, a subsidy of 35% can be claimed from the central government. All eligible applicants may apply online to avail the scheme at kviconline[dot]gov[dot]in .

      • Meghalaya Home Stay Scheme:

        In convergence with the center’s Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme Scheme is a converged scheme for unemployed citizens to set up a Home Stay services at their place of stay creating a sustainable development and develop infrastructure to provide services to the visitors. It is being implemented by the Meghalaya Commerce & Industries department along with the department of Tourism of the state. In this scheme, a subsidy of 35% can be claimed from Khadi Village & Industries Commission and additional 35% can be claimed  from the Meghalaya Tourism department for setting up a new Home stay services.

      • Apiculture Mission 2.0 :

        The Apiculture Mission 2.0 was launched under the Department of Horticulture, Meghalaya in collaboration with the Department of Commerce and Industries, Meghalaya. The mission aims to provide basic and advanced training programmes for the Bee keepers of the state, develop an organized bee keeping clusters, create market linkages between the bee keepers and honey customers, set up Honey Processing Centers at various locations across the districts and provision of grants and interest free loans to the bee keepers seeking for assistance and more.

      • Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of traditional Industries (SFURTI) Scheme:

        The scheme is for the development of existing clusters of rural areas. The scheme is an initiative by Ministry of MSME for promotion of Cluster development. The department of commerce & industries have instrumented the scheme as an implementing agency for different clusters in remote areas of the state.

      • Training Inside and Outside the State Scheme:

        Under this scheme, registered industrial units can conduct short term training programme on their trades to their trainees and avail assistance. The trainees receive monthly stipend according to the duration of the training programme. In West Garo Hills district, DCIC Tura imparts training on various trades like tailoring, steel fabrication, Bakery, Spa & Salon, Mobile repairing, Computer repairing, jewellery making, etc. All interested individuals may inquire DCIC Tura at Dakopgre early in the month of February before March ending.

      • Master Craftsman Scheme:

        The scheme aims to provide assistance to the traditional artisans of the region by imparting training programme on the artisan’s expertise and appointing the artisan themselves as the master craftsman instructor and providing honorarium through the Scheme. The trainees of the training programme are assisted by the department through monthly stipend throughout the course. The optional trades for master craftsman scheme in WGH district are pottery, terracotta, macrame, wood carving, cane and bamboo etc. (the options of trades for training courses are subjected to change every year). All interested individuals may inquire DCIC Tura at Dakopgre early in the month of February before March ending.

      • Rural Artisans Programme Scheme:

        The scheme aims to provide livelihood support to the artisan involved in traditional artisan activities. Traditional rural artisans may conduct training programme and pass on their skill, knowledge and expertise to newer generations. Under this scheme, a skill development training of one year duration is organised by registered traditional artisans, the trainees receives a monthly stipend and the instructors of the training centers receives monthly honorarium as an assistance from the Department. Trades like pottery, Garo traditional musical instrument making, carpet making, woolen handicrafts, dry flower making are the optional courses (the options of trades for training courses are subjected to change every year). All interested individuals may inquire DCIC Tura at Dakopgre early in the month of February before March ending.

      • Grant-in-aid :

        The department further extends its support for development of micro industries by aiding tools and machinery along with small sum of money as a working capital for the passed out trainees of departmental training centers and the passed out trainees of training centers under the Master craftsman scheme, Rural artisan Programme Scheme and Training Inside and outside the state scheme, but only for few selected trades and crafts trained by the department. To avail Grant-in-aid assistance, the passed out trainees must submit their applications at the respective DCIC of their home District.

      • Industrial Estate:

        The department of Commerce & Industries also leases plot of land for suitable entrepreneurs to set up working shed for those who seek space for industries. The Industrial Estate of West Garo Hills District is in Dakopgre, Tura, where number of industrial activities have been carrying out like steel fabrication, saw mill, hand loom and weaving etc.


      • Departmental Training Programme:

        The department conducts skill development training programme of various trades at the Departmental training centers at district levels under the DCICs. Trades like tailoring, knitting, embroidery, carpentry, cane & bamboo, steel fabrication etc. are the available options in West Garo Hills district and the trainees attending the training are provided with monthly stipends.  All interested individuals may inquire DCIC Tura at Dakopgre early in the month of February before March ending.

      • State Awards for Handicraft Artisans:

        Every year, the Directorate of Commerce & Industries invites nominations of suitable/eligible Artisans for State Awards for Handicraft Artisan from all Districts of Meghalaya. The State Awardees are granted special assistance from the department.

      • Meghalaya Emporiums:

        In order to merchandise and cause awareness of our local products to potential customers outside our state, Commerce & Industries Department have set up two Meghalaya sales emporiums, one in Kolkata, West Bengal and another in union Capital, Delhi. The government have been displaying and channelizing finest products from all the district regularly.

      • Annual District level Industrial Exhibition:

        The DCICs organize district level industrial exhibition annually to show case and sale the products made by the artisans and entrepreneurs of the district. Tura Industrial Fair, TIF 2022 was organized at SMELC Dakopgre for two days.

      • Industrial Awareness programmes, workshops and Entrepreneurship Development Programme:

        The department regularly organizes one-day Industrial Awareness programmes cum workshops and week long Entrepreneurship Development Programmes every year in different locations targeting the unemployed youths and local women entrepreneurs.

      • Apiculture mission:

        Bee keeping training was imparted at the foothills of Nokrek in collaboration with District Horticulture Department. Certificate and Bee boxes were distributed after the completion of training.

Success Stories:


1. M/s Megha Mustard Oil, Haripur :

The unit is also one of the industries that have been benefited and supported by the department through MIIPS subsidies and marketing linkages and sales promotion through many exhibitions organised by the department.

2. M/s Studio Metamorph:

Miss Rikamatchi D Shira was assisted by the office in setting up a hair & skin care Centre at Sora Complex, under PMEGP Scheme 2021-2022. Miss Rikamatchi’s newly launched venture is presently the talk of the town as of the services she has been rendering and because of the standard of spa she have delivered in small town like Tura. Her expertise is mainly in hair color and treatment.


apicultuire mission

3. M/s Kutherson Honey,Walbakgre, Tura

Shri. Kutherson Ch. Marak is a trained bee keeper and started his bee keeping unit through PMEGP assistance. He owns 20 bee boxes and has been extracting honey and earning livelihood.

4. M/s Megha Stone Crushers, Zikkabari, West Garo hills:

The department have supported many MSMEs through the scheme of MIIPS, and one of them is a stone crushing activity, M/s Megha Stone Crushers.

blue van

5. Blue Van:

Mr Andriano N Marak owner of Blue Van, availed PMEGP Loan for starting his business.Shri. Andriano N. Marak started his food business in 2020 and has been doing well ever since. His food truck business serves best burgers, wraps, noodles, meat balls in town

6. Chiraz Footware Industry, Bokmagre:

Chiraz Footware Industry was set up by Mrs. Bristina R Marak and Mr Sebastin K Sangma under PMEGP scheme.

Nokpante studio

7. M/S Marak LED Bulb, Dakopgre

Mr Silseng R Marak set up his workshop at Dakopgre, he assembles LED bulb, LED Floods and LED tube lights.

8. M/s Nokpante Productions,Araimile, Tura

Shri. Mikhail Ch. Momin is one of the talented music artist of Tura. PMEGP scheme helped the artist acquire a music studio and his been composing music and Garo Songs at the studio. He is also giving services to other new artists who aims to acquire studio quality music songs and videos.