Outlook Responsible Tourism Future Forum

26/09/2022 - 28/09/2022
District Auditorium, Tura
Outlook Forum

Outlook Responsible Tourism Future Forum


  • 27th September , World Tourism Day
  • 10:30 Am onwards


District Auditorium, Tura West Garo Hills

Sessions focussing on Homestays

  1. Setting up: Including rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, renovation, housekeeping and décor
  2. Maintenance: Including cleaning of all areas, room service, laundry and waste disposal
  3. Financial planning: Including basic accounting, budgeting, savings
  4. Operational SOPs: Including pre-arrival preparations, arrival formalities, communication and experiences, departure formalities ad payments
  5. Technology & Sustainability in homestay operations with a virtual walk-through: The adoption of cost effective new technologies to make the business more sustainable and environment friendly. This session will also have an integrated walk-through element from local home stays to capture the experience of the West Garo Hills

The Focus:

Primary focus will be job creation and empowerment of locals. The purpose would be to instill and create skills that can prevent out-migration and create livelihood models within a sustainable framework.

How will Future Forum help?

The Future Forum will aim to instill skills to the local population of the West Garo Hills to learn the basic and advanced hospitality skills, communication skills, immersive experiences and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to successfully boost the tourism potential of the region.