Birth Certificate

Any citizen born within the Tura Municipal area can apply and view the status of your application for Birth certificate

Enclosures Required [ These enclosures are required depending upon child was born at home/hospital and after how many days the application is submitted]

Born in Hospital

  1. Declaration of Birth
  2. 2. Baby Record

Born at Home/Hospital

  1. Court Order on Birth [Required if intimated after 365 days]
  2.  All Documents submitted to Court [Required if intimated after 365 days]
  3. Form I
  4. Doctor’s Certificate
  5. Certificate from Headman/Dorbar Shnong/Nokma
  6. EPIC/PAN/Aadhaar Card of Parents/Guardian
  7. Affidavit


Tura Municipal Board

Registrar of Birth and Death, Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya
Location : Tura | City : Tura | PIN Code : 794002